"High Mobility Agility Test Vehicle"

HIMAG 01-900.jpg

Came across the HIMAG prototype and variants of the concept and was immediately enamored with it. (It was meant to be a successor to the Sheridan - light, fast, compact and air-droppable.)

I love ridiculous concepts like this. 

So, insta-character moment I guess..! Wanted to really push for funky proportions and go nuts really. I think this dude is gonna stay official though. 

"Tweaky" is the HIMAG-A (gorilla-looking dude - damn thing had a 1500 hp engine) and "Hunter" is the HSVT-L (walker dude.)

For more about the protoype:



Bonus: found a photo with the engineering team included! Thought this was super neat:



(Extra doodles)