Screechy murderbirds inbound! They’re quite noisy! I found this clip ages ago that I think really matches some of the sounds they’d make. Screaming cicada:…

These sounds are screechy and almost computerized, I love it. And it kinda pairs with some of their sensory stuff I have in mind.

This type of seeker flies mostly sub-sonically, their long wings making them efficient loiterers, although they fold up and go into a supersonic dive-bomb once they’ve chosen a target. (They have a few strange wing configs.)

Their design is one of the more “archaic” breeds, and they’re all patterned off of a similar-looking remanenter aerosaur, which are rather rare at this point (Post-Earth takes place hundreds of years from now in a parallel sort of timeline, for those who don’t know the lore. So anything that vaguely resembles our current tech would be really “old school” then.)

Some close-ups/detail shots:

Note the airbrakes, I took some inspiration from a certain WWII dive-bomber here (SB2C Hellldiver.) Always loved how those looked - I imagine that from the other side, the insides of the dive brakes on these guys would be accented red as well, an aggressive display while attacking!

SEPECAT murderbirbs-detail-01-1000.jpg