“About the Artist”


Alice is currently a designer whose specialty ranges between the worlds of transportation design and the concept design world.

Her work covers quite a variety of things, but can be split into two distinct categories:

Transportation Design: Conceptualizing new or improved vehicle designs, generally within the "power-sports" category. These vehicle concepts can sometimes be wild but the whole point behind her work is to come up with designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and not entirely unrealistic - She spends a lot of time researching and figuring out how these designs could potentially be brought to life.

Creature/Concept Design: This started as an entirely on-the-side endeavor. Alice continues to work on fleshing out concepts and building her skills after-hours for her personal IPs.

She has since put the time to improve her concept design and illustration skills to the point where I am open to freelance work, given it works into her schedule.