“Robo missile cart”


A fun mini-project that started out as a conversation about electric powertrains with a friend, and somewhat inspired by seeing the Rivian concept truck at Overland Expo this year.

For starters, I dislike hub motors in most applications, because of the unsprung weight problem. Setting the electric motors inboard and driving the wheels/axles more conventionally via half-shafts/drive-shafts makes the most sense in most applications, but there is additional weight here, and part of the advantage of having hub motors is essentially doing away with a (heavy) differential

We ended up coming to the idea of “what if you had 4 independent motors that move with the suspension, yet are set inboard instead of the wheel hub?”

I found the idea interesting to draw a vehicle around, and of course it morphed into some kind of USAF robot (with an attitude!)


To quote my friend:

"…And you'll never convince me it's not an Air Force vehicle - I've learned that the more unorthodox a land vehicle looks, the more likely it is to belong to the USAF"

The concept behind this guy, nicknamed “Max,” is to be an autonomous ordnance/payload handler for this “improvised airfield” concept I’ve been kicking around in my head. Since the autonomous team has to operate in a whole variety of potentially rough conditions, they’re all built with a degree of off-road capability in mind, hence the long-travel suspension (although, this one is a little overkill..!)