Chengdu J-20


Stealth fighter from china

I always had had a liking for the J-20, and spontaneously decided to (finally) pay it tribute - in my own way, of course, after coming across this neat photo set:

I’ve loosely been following this fighter program since abut 2011 when the first prototypes were leaked, and had created a character “Xuanlong” based off one of the first of these aircraft.

Decided to revisit him (and a couple brethren, as there seems to be quite some variance between the models - colors aside, there are some large airframe differences like DSI shaping and canard sweep.) A big difference to previous aerosaur designs are the large holes in the wings, where the arm portion unfolds. Normally I opt for a thinned-out metallic muscle “membrane,” though I liked the idea of a certain incompleteness/mutation in their design based on how their biomech substrate was acquired - stolen substrate, subdivided one too many times, is found to have some unpredictable results on the biomech airframe once it has fully permeated and converted the structure.

- - -

Headorld stuff:

They learn fast that it’s easier to try to contain the processor substrate as an isolated “AI brain” (and decentralized control nodes) of sorts, and not let it creep into the surrounding airframe. Easier said than done, of course, when dealing with strange processor substrates that have been forced to become hyper-adaptable to new and varying “bodies.”

China has now stolen this peculiar tech in full, now they are learning the lessons the others have discovered in its application, as well.

This is where things get interesting.

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(As a note - I got the little plane blueprints ghosted in the background form here: )

( Feb 2, 2019 )


With their keen AI minds, high-tech aerosaurs now hide among the PLAAF as well. :)