Swords crossed


Wanted to knock out something quick and fun for the last post of 2018. A pair of Saab 37 Viggen aerosaurs!

Fierce sisters, proud protectors of the skies.

They are older aircraft now, but it doesn’t keep them from having a good time chasing each other and others around at Mach 2.

- - -

The Viggen is a unique aircraft, designed in Swedish fashion: ruggedly built to operate from improvised runways, and with STOL capabilities to give it an impressively short landing distance for a fighter of its size. The Saab 37 have thrust reversers built into the exhaust nozzle - not only does this aid it in braking, but allows it to roll backwards on its own power even!

Viggens are all engine, and are delightfully loud birds - it’s on my bucket list to see these in-person someday.


A quiet and proud warrior, she will defend her skies until that turbine will no longer turn. Her perceived aloofness is deceiving however ,as she is just as mischievous as her sister, and thoroughly enjoys teaching the upcoming generation of AI/biomech fighters of the experimental squadron.


The playful sister who is always joking around - however, she is just as capable as Ragnhild, and will get right down to business when its called for. She especially enjoys showing off her low-level-flight skillsets when given the chance!