Having fun sketching an old aerosaur character.

She's back! Felt like making a bunch of doodles of this character - I love the SU-47 and there is a lack of up-to-date content of her.

The goal was to come up with something smooth and streamlined, and that looks like it would very fluidly translate between aircraft and aerosaur form.

Detail shot:

headworld note:

Vorona differs from the Maschinengeist incarnation of the SU-47 - while they’re related by origin, they’re technically different characters as her memories/personality/traits don’t translate over after her demise to her aether-imprint, and Maschinengeist-Vorona is more of a stitched-together shadow of her former self, with data gaps filled by aether-traces of other experimental aircraft to complete the ‘Geist.

Bonus doodles

A bunch of whimsical doodles. Her name is aptly derived from the Russian term for a raven/crow, and she lives up to it - you can’t expect to keep a biomech-test-aircraft mothballed indefinitely and not expect there to be any mischief, honestly.