SU-47 Maschinengesit


Strung Up From The Sky

- - -

“The dark being is often perceived as one built upon rage, contempt and chaos, its grip on self control as wispy as the shimmering vapor trails it leaves in its erratic flight. 

But its true nature is one born of sadness and longing: the despair of a creature that was never given its place in the sky, without brethren, without lasting purpose. 

Only a brief taste of life in the heavens was it given, before it was left in shadow to rot and die.”

- - -

Maschinengist version of the SU-47. In a way she is "Vorona’s shadow,” as Vorona is the aerosaur she patterns most of her physical incarnation from, although the represents a variety of post-Soviet-era experimental aircraft that have been neglected, mothballed, scrapped, and grounded indefinitely.

Clip a bird’s wings and ask it if it still wants to live, away from its element for the rest of its life

Detail shots & linework:


(Title & some of the aesthetic inspiration is from a Pelican song I love.)