Lancer” artillery biomech

Bringing out the big guns to take out the biggest threats!


Feature 1

Two birds with one stone - this doubles as sort of a general ref of the class, as well as the specific character.

“Leviathans” are one of many nicknames gives to the giant rogue amalgamate biomechs that roam this world. Over the years though, mankind manages to clear enough of those out in their populated zones to usher in a period of relative peace - over time, the larger combat-specific biomechs and constructs were no longer really needed. Depending on district, they were either decommissioned/re-purposed, or destroyed. Humans from different regions have varying ideas on if they consider the biomechanical machines to be “life.” 

One gets away, and is lucky to be salvaged by an eccentric mechanic named Irisha who is living on the outskirts of her town.

Since “Lance” isn’t exactly inconspicuous, he has to generally stay hidden all the time. But since his drones are an extension of his persona, he can tag along with Ira (and generally get on her nerves. He’s like a giant asshole cat, Ira has endless patience with this jerk. They get along quite well though, all things considered, haha.)

Info is abridged and his design is still kind of a WIP but this is pretty much there in some big ways - general layout, silhouette, and weaponry, as well as his signature pesky drones

two modes

“Lance” can fold up neatly into an 8x8 railgun tank, in which the leading and trailing axles both steer (at the hubs) - he doesn’t have the greatest turning radius with just that alone however, even with a degree of skid-steer ability. This mode offers lower ground pressure and higher travel speeds.

drone eyes

Lance’s drones clip into the cage-like structure around his rail-gun charging array, acing like sensory extensions of his main body - eyes and ears that can allow him to extend his vision up to many miles in radius.

They are also a means of energy transportation - Lancers use a large amount of energy with every shot, and while they can use a towed energy source, it’s cumbersome and makes for a large target. The drone swarm can carry energy charges and create a decentralized, reliable network of energy sustenance.