Sharktopus vs Whalewolf

Back in 2014 I was approached to do some creature design work for a variety of SYFY films, the most notable being the main creature for the third film in the “Sharktopus” series, which ended up being the “WhaleWolf!”


The three designs below were three initial monster pitches - interestingly enough, what in part drove the final monster direction was how catchy the name itself would be! I assume Roger Corman probably had had something in mind, when one of the suggested names I was given to concept around was “whale wolf”

The design itself could have gone many directions, but where I ended up was actually a nod towards the evolution of cetaceans. Killer whales aren’t actually “whales” and evolved from a wolf-like land-based ancestor, so I thought it would be a cool nod toward this fact to go with a look that bore this fun fact in mind.

“SpinoSaw” has some helicoprion + spinosaurus influences, and “SawClaw” came from an idea I had about a crustacean/kaiju-like bioweapon.



The work continued with a couple of very quick concepts created for their Cobragator monster movie. Funny enough, they’d already shot the film and deeded a legless design to animate in, apparently!